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Why Is Dance History So Important

Periodically while I am teaching a class I will refer to a famous dancer as an example of what I am trying to get across to my dancers and will be met by blank stares from them as if I have a third eye! It never ceases to amaze me as to how little the students know about something that some of them spend a large part of their lives doing. As I have told many of my students "If you want to be great then you must study greatness and emulate it".

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Ideas on Teaching Pre-School Students

 Teaching dance classes to pre-school children can sometimes be more demanding than any of your other classes. I am often asked by teachers who offer pre-school classes to give advice on the structure of the class and also on how to keep the dancers focused. Not only is the structure important but also, I have always found that the pace of the class is what really makes it work in a positive way.

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Teaching Basic Tap Sounds to Beginners

 Teaching basic tap sounds to your students will make tap dance easier to learn and your students will understand the names for each step and how to apply them. I like to get my beginners to understand that the ball of the foot is different from the toe which is different from the heel. This may seem basic enough but it is funny that the toe and ball get mixed up a lot of the time! Pointing this out to them is important so that they fully understand how the sounds are created. If they understand each of these sounds then they will find it a lot easier to create each step, the sound it should make and then link the steps together. I think that these sounds need to be reviewed during each class especially in the early learning stages. Once they master the basic sounds then teaching them how to do flaps, shuffles, cramp rolls and eventually time steps will be a snap!

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The Under It All-What To Wear Under Costumes!

They say all good things start with a strong foundation, well that is especially true with Dance Costumes. The correct foundation is essential for each and every dancer. One of my pet peeves at Dance competition or performance is dancers "flopping" across the stage in a costume without foundation or the correct supportive undergarments. Not only is this distracting but it is a source of potential injury for the dancer.

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