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Tools To Make The Learning Experience More Fun

 As we all know a very important part of learning to dance is by having constant repetition in class. Many times students tend to zone out by losing their focus and just going through the motions and as a result end up being bored or burned out. Repetition is a necessity but there are some creative ways to add a little excitement to the daily grind.

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Jazz Technique For Intermediate Students

Last month we presented jazz for beginner students. This month we will focus on the 3rd and 4th year students.

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Costumes 101

 Let's start at the very beginning, always a very good place to start. Everything begins with that spark of inspiration that leads a choreographer to take a piece of music, combine it with a group of performers and create a "new number". As the piece develops the dancers become more proficient, the choreography is fine-tuned but something is missing the costume. I have always felt the costume is the glue that brings a piece together completing the vision, transforming the dancers to characters and transporting the audience into the story.

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There is always one!

 Now that you are back in the swing of things and you are learning your student's names and finding out who is able to understand what you are trying to teach them and who will be having a struggle with it. One thing is for sure, no matter what class you are teaching there will always be one! You know what I mean, the one that is a problem! The one that talks, the one that doesn't listen, the one who wants to be a smart aleck, the one who thinks they know more than you do and of course, the one who just wants to make your life a misery! I am sure you have a few others that you can throw into that category. These students can really affect your classes, energy, creativity and flow. That's enough to make you want to pull your hair out, or theirs! We have tried many techniques throughout the years and have found a few methods that have produced good results.

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