A lot of business owners get bogged down in running a business and are too tired to get things done in a timely manner. In some ways you may feel stuck and for this simple reason you don’t know where to start. However, once you do get started, you’ll see that motivation and inspiration begin to build and things get more comfortable.

The hardest part in many cases is just getting started...

So, how do you start?

The scary truth is that, for most things, there are many places to get going, and trying to find the perfect spot is an exercise in futility. Don’t spend valuable time searching for an ideal beginning. Spend that time and energy working on something.

Start working. Find a place, any place, and start to work without motivation. Real inspiration is something you create and earn, and motivation can be manufactured merely by sitting down and starting. Action creates more action. If you wait for all the lights to turn green you will never leave your drive. Sometimes just starting anything is the toughest part. So start and see what happens.

Make a small snowball. Start with something tiny; write or just create lists for five minutes, do one little piece of a project, etc. and then stop, rest, reflect and then do a little bit more. It won’t be long before you see that little snowball grow. That one little to-do in my spark file was the small snowball for me. I wasn’t feeling anything at work, decided to explore ideas (by sitting down notes and thoughts) and... well, it turned into an avalanche of ideas that will likely carry me for a while.

Chip away. Keeping motivation up requires a connection to the work. Some days you won’t have it, and that’s ok, but don’t go too long without doing something, even if it’s minor. With my studio projects, I’ll organize my files or clean up layers on your desk when I’m not feeling it. When choreographing, I’ll lock myself in the studio or room in my house and ask not to be disturbed… Unless the building is on fire!

Stick with what’s working. When it comes to staying productive and motivated, sticking with what works is critical as long as it’s working. We fall victim to optimization obsession far too often. Remember, all that time you’re spending learning a new process or tool is probably better spent using what works to get something done. Only seek new tools and techniques when things aren’t working.

To make the most of this down time why not clean out your desk, clean up files or update your customer's contact info. Your list like mine, l am sure goes on and on. But I can tell you I have been crossing things off my list during this time and I have been feeling very productive.  As my list shrinks I have an incredible feeling of accomplishment!

The biggest point I can make is to "Just Do It!” yes an old slogan of Nike but the reality is that if you would just start doing something then things really do get done!

So go ahead and do something right now! :)

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