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4 Ways to Get Stuff Done

A lot of business owners get bogged down in running a business and are too tired to get things done in a timely manner. In some ways you may feel stuck and for this simple reason you don’t know where to start. However, once you do get started, you’ll see that motivation and inspiration begin to build and things get more comfortable.

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I Can, I Will... End Of Story!

REVISED 4/6/2020…

Now more than ever we as business owners need to have an “I can” and “I will” mindset. Sometimes we my even have to fake it a bit but as the saying goes “Fake it until you make it!” This is a challenging time for all business owners but you can and you will make it through. Just remember you are the captain and leader of the ship. How you steer and the signals you send out will be a STRONG message to your tribe. So take a moment to read this article to help you navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s to your continued success!

“There are three types of people in this world. Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder, what just happened!”

Mary Kay Ash

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Leverage Your PR Without Breaking Your Budget

Knowing what public relations is will make a BIG difference to your bottom line. It is the relationship your school has with the outside world. That includes everyone-friends, relatives, customers, future prospects, competitors and employees (if you have them). While the relationship you create with the public can have a profound effect on your business, all these people will not immediately make a purchasing decision or change their minds by seeing something only once. It takes a consistent and recurring message.

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