With dance studios from all over the world closing down due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic this is a troubling and uncertain time for business owners and dance teachers everywhere. But we will make it through this somehow, we always do! And by this time next year we will look back and say “Wow, that was scary but somehow we made it through!”

How can I be so sure you may be asking? Well, let me ask you something. Have you ever had an issue at your studio that you thought would ruin you? Have you ever had an incident that you thought could be the end of your business? I am sure you have had something happen that may have shaken you to your core and then some.

After owning a studio for 32 years I can assure you Angie and I have seen plenty of tough situations that we have gone through and have come out the other end better, stronger and wiser. Now you may be thinking, yeah Steve but this is different. And you are right it is. However, it is part of the sea of stuff and issues that we have all had to swim in and deal with. It will be extra challenging at times but you can and will make it to shore!

Let's try a little visualization to get your mind right…

Ok, I want you to look at the image above and visualize that is a roadmap of your life. Yes, lots of twist, turns, ups and downs. Look to your left down the road where it seems to start. That is your past. Now look even closer and see all of the potholes you hit in life.  All of the business troubles you have had to fix and overcome. But not just for business for everything. Maybe a relationship that didn’t make it or the death of a loved one. And you came through it all! And it’s not just the bad times, think about all the great things that have happened to your business, life and family!

Now look to the center of the road. That is where you are today. This crazy time of the COVID-19 health scare and shutdown. You have been in this spot before. Remember the potholes you saw when you looked to the left? They were right here before and you know what... They didn’t kill you or end your business. But I imagine some of them felt like they would when you were in this spot dealing with the problem at hand.

Now look ahead down the road. There you are a year from now. This same time next year when this whole ordeal will be to the left of your vision in the past and you will have found a way to get through this tough time. And you know how I know that? You have done it before, over and over again. You are a survivor and you should be empowered by that fact.

I know that this is uncharted territory and we are all figuring it out on the fly. The good news is that you will find out more about yourself during this time. And in the future when a disgruntled parent comes and complains it won’t seem so bad after this. Keep your head to the sky and know you are not alone.

Here is a great quote especially during trying times:

“Always laugh when you can, it’s cheap medicine” H. G. Wells

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Sending you love and lot's of good energy,