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Here's How to Increase Your Dance Studio Enrollment Part I: Focus on Retention!

I have been a consultant for studio owners for many years now and one question that is always on all of their minds is, "How can I increase my enrollment?" I know it is a topic that Angela and I and our team discuss every year. Increased enrollment will equal more income! In this three-part series we will focus each month on a task that you can do right away. Just one task each month to build your enrollment and increase your income.

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5 Things You Can Do to Stand Out in a Competitive Market

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How You Follow Up Will Make A BIG Difference To Your Bottom Line!

What happens after you receive a phone call from a prospective customer requesting information about your school? Do you send out a brochure and schedule? Then, what do you do next? I have found that most small businesses especially dance schools do nothing after that. There is no continuing dialogue. Think about how much money you spend just to get someone to call your business through your different marketing plans. If the only thing you do is send them information that one time without any follow up, then you will probably lose money in the long run.

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For 2020 Promise Yourself... The Perfect New Year Mindset!

With the New Year and New Decade upon us it is a great time to refocus and hit the reset button. Let's face it, even though we love what we do, teaching dance is not as easy as everyone thinks it is! You know that, but what you may not know or may have forgotten is how important it is for you to keep yourself in a good place both physically and mentally. Times can and will be tough every once in a while. It is easy to get down on yourself, your boss, students, parents and the world! The key to building a great life and career is not just in your knowledge but your view of it all.  

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