Would you like fries with that?

That's an expression McDonalds made famous.

I wonder how much money those six little words have been worth to them over the past several decades...it has to be in the billions.

Would you like to make that an extra value meal?

They didn't stop with just fries. You'll also want to get a drink. If you order them all together as a bundle, you're going to get an "extra value" for your money. You may even want to add an apple pie to that.

At the electronics store, you know it's inevitable while you're waiting in checkout. Would you like our 3 Year Protection Plan?

Go to the grocery store. Not only are the aisles carefully arranged to produce maximum sales of high profit items, but you'll also find yourself surrounded by impulse purchases while you're standing in the checkout lanes.

The key is that there is nothing big or expensive of course. You'll see candy, tabloids, popular magazines, and other items you can toss in your cart without even a second thought. They're just a few bucks when your cart may have over $100 worth of food already. It's a drop dead easy sale.

Why do these companies always ask if you want to buy more stuff?

Because you just might just buy more stuff.... Even if you had no intention of doing so. The power of suggestion in no joke!

Up sells do work whether you like them or not!

Adding just a few additional dollars per sale can be the difference between success and failure.

Some up sells are casual and almost unnoticeable like the grocery store checkout.

Amazon's selling process is similar. No matter what you're buying, you will see suggestions of "bundles" and additional products you may be interested in. After you checkout, they'll recommend more products you may like.

Others get annoying like the extended warranties on electronics because I've heard them so many times. Maybe I buy too many computers, electronics, and TVs.

But the fact that I know they're going to ask me to buy the extended warranty hasn't kept me from buying a single time. I just have my "no" ready to go. People are buying those, and they're making a big profit!

How much money are your up sells earning you?

Can't do it for dance lessons? Think again! The students who are taking one class a week and loving it will be an easy sell to try another class in a different subject. The parents will love the fact that you have noticed their child and that the jazz class right after their ballet class would be a perfect fit. This can work with all levels. You can propose this to those who are taking twice, three times and more a week. Is there a class that they can add that will help their dance training? Keep in mind that most parents do not know your schedule by heart. As the matter of fact most don't know it at all. Look at who is taking what and where your current clients can add more if what the already love! Keep n mind that students schedules do change and if the parents know that it is not too late to add classes they just might add those classes!

Do you do private lessons? Of course you do. Now is the time to see who would like to add them to their current class load. Many parents are looking for additional things for their kids to do. Some have  a lot of disposable income and if you can occupy their child for a half hour right after school they may be willing to pay! Remember that most parents are not aware of all that you have to offer. It is up to you to show them all you can do for them!

Do you teach music lessons? If you do, market to them now to your current dance students, especially the vocal lessons and the benefits of learning to sing and dance.If not, you may want to consider adding at least vocal lessons to your current student base. If you have some room you can offer one on one private lessons or group lessons. Consider creating a Musical Theater class where you have vocal and dance.

Think about it, if you love a product or service you are already using, you will most of the time be interested in buying more of the same. You will also be receptive to other products and services from a company you like. Get past the idea that you are bugging people or being pushy. If they are not interested they wont buy but you will never know for sure if you do not keep in touch with your customers and let them know all you do.

So make sure that you show your current customers how you can and will enhance their and their child's life!