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Priority Registration & Student Recommendations

 As the season comes to an end, it is important to create a sense of urgency to encourage your current students to sign up for next year's classes before they leave for the summer.

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More Students Or More Income?

But here is the million dollar question...

Do you want more students or more income?

I hope the main goal is the latter. Furthermore, if you are in a remote area or in a place that has a lot of competition you may be spending a lot of money always trying to get more students that are just not there. You need to have a rock solid strategy in place

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When Students Decide to Part Ways

It’s inevitable. At some point in owning your dance studio a student is going to want to part ways and stop dancing. If you’re lucky, it may happen only a handful of times over the course of your career, but the reality is it’s going to happen. To add insult to injury, unfortunately it’s sometimes the dancers that we can’t fathom losing because their presence and talent in class and rehearsals inspire us and make us better at what we do. But, many times it is.........

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