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Leverage Your PR Without Breaking Your Budget

Knowing what public relations is will make a BIG difference to your bottom line. It is the relationship your school has with the outside world. That includes everyone-friends, relatives, customers, future prospects, competitors and employees (if you have them). While the relationship you create with the public can have a profound effect on your business, all these people will not immediately make a purchasing decision or change their minds by seeing something only once. It takes a consistent and recurring message.

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Your Action Plan For Results!

 There you have it. There is no time like the present. Make today YOUR day! I love this quote by George Bernard Shaw. I try to live by it each day and I recommend you do the same.

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Re-Training Your Staff

For many of us our season has just finished. We have had the excitement of the recitals and all end of year performances and although some studios continue running over the summer offering programs for their dancers, it is usually a quieter time as families take their vacations and children go to sleep away camps. Summer is a wonderful time to re-train your staff or to bring new staff members in to train from scratch.

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Marketing & Sales-Part I

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