Your Marketing Plan For 2018

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Goals - What Happens When It Doesn't Happen?

Successful Goal Implementation

In the first article in this series we talked about how to attain any goal. But what happens when the goal you've wished for doesn't end up materializing? Here are some important things to remember...

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Dressing the Part: Simple Recital Reminders for Polished & Professional Appearance

As we are head into recital season with just a few more weeks to go, there are a number of things we need to get to on our check list. One extremely important item that can transcend your year-end shows from “nice, little dances” to “professional caliber performances” is how you send your dancers onstage. With a million things to tend to, it’s easy sometimes to let things slip by with whether it be with your younger dancers and baby classes or maybe even with the recreational students. Applying expectations to every group, however, will definitely produce a recital where everyone presents themselves as unified, neat and streamlined. Consequently, those lasting impressions will be a direct correlation to your studio name and how the community perceives the professionalism of your business!.....

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