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Customers Talk!

All businesses love referrals. This form of advertising seems to be especially powerful for dance schools. I believe that our type of business breeds more word of mouth advertising than others. Moms talk to their friends, families, associates and neighbors. That’s great news for all of us. Of course, we cant always be sure that they are giving us a good report but hopefully more often than not they are talking about out business in a positive way. Studies of advertising through consumer referrals have shown that how your customers talk about you and your business will depend on the quality of the customers experience with your business. John Jantsch the author of the book 'The Referral Engine' says that your employees probably treat your customers the same way you treat them!' Want more referrals? Treat your staff right and they will be your studio ambassadors’.

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The Art of Successful Motivating

How we motivate our faculty and students has a direct correlation with positive energy, high spirit and a genuine belief that we can accomplish the goals we set forth for our studios and students. If we ourselves are inspired and self-motivated, we can then parlay that into something magical. This is when the entire studio family is on the same page, with the same vision; ready to succeed beyond the imaginable.

As a new season is upon us, Studio Owners, you must have been thinking over the last few weeks how to best be that motivator, that “fire-starter” for your students, faculty and studio families. This is the time when we have a million ideas running through our minds, energy charged and refreshed and ready to hit the ground running for a fabulous new season! As the owner, you are the ring-leader, the master of ceremonies, the chief, the director, the head coach…. and your team is going to look to you for the cue on where this year will take you all.

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Discovering What Your Customers Really Think About You

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3 Easy Keys To Your Marketing Plan

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Get your customers on an automatic payment plan!

 One of the best things you can do for your business, cash flow and yourself is to get your customers on some form of automatic payment plan. Some people are afraid to implement this type of system because they believe that their clients will not go for it. I can tell you from over 31 years of experience that it is one of the best things that we did to help our cash flow and it also helped us keep our peace of mind. We implemented it 15 years ago and have eliminated the problems that we had with our clients regarding billing and payments.

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