Start fresh with a clean studio.

Back to school often means Cold Season!!! Be sure to wipe down

Ballet Barres, door handles, telephones (don't neglect your cell phone either) and

any other place where many hands touch. Have Sanitizers and proper hand wash

in the bathroom to keep up with germs. Have paper towels instead of cloth and gel soap instead of bar.

Save time and clean house.

It's time to make your home stress free. Clean out all your summer

clothes and prepare winter shoes and clothes for fall. This will save time in the

morning and give you an idea of items needed for the new season ahead. Go

through your makeup bag and throw out anything that doesn't look good on you.

Why hold onto colors that don't help you look your best and risk applying that

when you're in a hurry. Look for products that smell funny or have separated.

Summer heat and humidity can do a number on your products and increase

bacteria causing products to spoil.

To help products last longer,

store in a cool dark place like the fridge (cold is a bacteria inhibitor) or a box.

Keep out of sunlight and warm humid places like the bathroom. Shake liquids

up every once in a while. If pigments separate and don't shake back together,

toss it. Avoid touching products with your fingers (bacteria). Use sponges.

Brushes and Q-tips whenever you can. Keep lids closed tightly. Never share

Lift your spirits and increase your creativity.

Home and the studio should be a place of inspiration. Hang your favorite motivational pictures, success

stories that inspire, photos of students that make you proud. Use color to set the mood by painting or

re-decorating with bright pillows or drapes. Here's a list of colors and how they set the mood:


for more energy and boost confidence. Yellow- to stimulate the mind and feel


Green- to relieve tension, feel calm and focused. Orange- to cheer up, feel optimistic and

increase enthusiasm .

Violet or Purple -to clear your mind and increase creativity. Blue-to unwind,

relax and feel cool.

Pink- to feel romantic, gentle and excited.

Give your studio a breath of fresh air.

Smells not only affect us emotionally but physically. Taste is actually about 90% smell. Be sure your

studio doesn't smell like old jazz shoes! Use scents around the studio to inspire all who walk through

your doors. The best way to use Aromatherapy is purchase essential oils. These can be sprinkled over

potpourri, warmed in water or sprayed in the home or studio. You can even use these scents for the

bath, shower or in a body lotion can help you enjoy the benefits all day. Here are a few scents and the

power they behold upon you:

Reduce anxiety

: smell scents of green apple, cucumber, sandalwood, cedar.

Increase alertness:

smell scents of peppermint, jasmine.

Increase energy and stimulate:

smell scents in peppermint, menthol, eucalyptus,

lemon, vanilla, evergreen, fir, pine or spruce.

For quiet focus

: smell scent in lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, rose, cedar,


Increase sleepiness

: smell scents in lavender, vanilla.

Help comprehension for learning

- smell scents of mixed florals.

Help concentration

- rosemary, peppermint, basil, ginger, juniper.

Decrease appetite


smell scents in banana, green apple, peppermint.

Native Americans have burned herbs for centuries. Sage is burned to cleanse the

mind, heart, and home. Sweetgrass is burned to call good spirits

Give yourself time to breathe.

Essential oils and bontanicals can influence the health of your body and help you de-stress from the

new seasons hectic pace. You're on all day and into the night so take a little time off for your self. Use

these scents and botanicals in shower gel or in your bath.

A bath is the best way to keep your immune system strong and your body feeling great!

Here is a list of wonderful herbs to look for in your favorite products. Try making your own by

mixing 10-12 drops of concentrated, scented essential oils, into a neutral oil like

almond or avocado, then pour into your bath.

If you are mixing scents and botanicals for healing, be sure to test a drop of each

mixed together to see if the combination smells nice. For the best aroma, it's best

to mix just a few scents together.

The bath; how hot, what to put in, and how long to soak it up.

Muscle warm-up : try a 10 minute long warm bath (95 F-105 F) to increase the

internal temperature of the muscles. This makes them more flexible and pliable to

reduce the chance of injury.

Frazzled nerves : try a 10-20 minute long bath in hot water (102-104 F) which

dilates your blood vessels and increases a sense of calm. For nerves try bath

soaks containing geranium, vanilla, jasmine, peppermint, lavender, and seaweed.

Aching Muscles : try a 10-15 minute warm bath (92-102) so muscles relax slowly.

For muscle relaxation try bath products containing peppermint, primrose, lemon,

bergamot, rosemary, and cypress.

For Exhaustion : try a warm bath for 10-15 minutes. Toease sleep try bath

products with lavender, chamomile, rose, and neroli.

To Energize : soak in a bubble bath with citrus such as lemon, orange, or

grapefruit. Other botanicals to lift your spirits are peppermint, bergamot,

patchouli, rosemary or eucalyptus.

For a stiff back : try a 5-10 minute long hot bath (102-104 F). Dip a small towel

in diluted soothing oils of menthol, eucalyptus, juniper, peppermint, and lavender.

Wrap it around your neck or place it behind your back.

Remember to limit your bath to a maximum of 20 minutes. Water that's too hot

can dry you out, irritate skin and even rupture capillaries. The hotter the bath

the shorter the time in it.

After a bath allow yourself ten minutes or so to lie down and relax

The new season is a time to embrace what you love most....DANCE! Making your dance environment

a place of inspiration and health will only make you more creative and more effective.