There is nothing that makes a person feel happier than being appreciated, whether it is from your spouse or significant other, a friend or family member or your employer. We all have that need to be found worthy by those who surround us in our daily lives. Often we feel unappreciated and that leads to feelings of sadness, resentment and depression which in turn lead to lack of productivity both in our personal and business lives. Letting the people who we encounter each day feel appreciated takes so little effort but it does take a measure of determination to make sure that we let the people who work for us and study with us, pay the bills for us and live with us know that we genuinely do appreciate their efforts.

Life gets busy and sometimes can even get in the way of our good intentions but our success is absolutely dependent on the way we relate to others. If we send out negative vibes to a person that is exactly what we are going to receive back from them, they will not be able to help themselves. That is why it is so important, even in moments that do not perhaps seem positive, to give out the most positive feelings that you are able to produce.

Let's ask some questions:

Do you talk to people more about good or bad news?

Are you the sort of person who is quick to respond to the needs of others?

Are you a problem solver or do you typically like to run in the opposite direction when you see a problem looming on the horizon?

Are you able to put yourself in the other person's place?

Do you give people the benefit of the doubt or do you automatically presume that they are guilty?

Are you a good listener?

Perhaps you have answered all of these questions in a positive way

And that is great because it shows that you are really interested in relating well to others. Maybe you have a few things that could be worked on. The key is to be sensitive to the needs of others and be willing to let the people around you know when they do a terrific job.

Teachers can sometimes feel that they are not appreciated by their employers and it is often caused by the employer just finding themselves so busy that they forget in their haste to acknowledge or praise a teacher. The same can of course go for students too. They receive corrections and hopefully take them as a gift but what about letting them know that you appreciate the fact that they have finally learned that life lesson that you have been trying to teach them all these years!

When you meet with your faculty do you ask their opinion? When they give suggestions that are really good and usable do you remember to give them credit for their idea? Do you try to encourage them and guide them whenever possible and do you insist from everyone at your studio including parents that they are treated with the respect that they deserve? Probably we all do some of these things some of the time but I like to make myself constantly aware, despite my busy life, that I take the small amount of time needed to let the people who are around me and making each success possible, the appreciation that I have for them.

Another important aspect of appreciation is to be aware of problems and grievances and be able to correct them as soon as possible. When people see that you are a person of your word and willing to take whatever action is necessary they will feel encouraged. If you procrastinate or don't have the courage of your convictions then they will feel discouraged. The success of your studio depends on how effectively you can relate to everyone. Everyone including studio owner's need appreciation it can, in fact, make the difference between things running smoothly or totally out of control. The happiness you deserve depends on how well you relate to others and as long as you are able to put yourself in the place of others you will be able to stay positive no matter what.