Every year around this time I love to reflect back over what has taken place during the course of the year. Once the New Year hits it is important to have your focus on track as to what you want to achieve for the New Year. Not thrilled about something that has taken place at your studio? Don't fret, now is the time to throw out the things that are dragging you down and replace them with a new and fresh outlook.

Keep in mind that you are the leader of your school. If you are distracted and unhappy that will spill into your business.

Here are some quick tips to help you to have the right mindset for the New Year.

  1. Make your vision a priority. I have had studio owners tell me that their clients are tough to deal with. That they are demanding and push them to the limits on everything. I tell them that the only way to change that is to set your standards and don't change them for anyone! I believe that if you let your customers push you around they will continue to push you around. Take a day and write down the perfect picture you have of your studio. How the parents, students, staff and faculty act. Now visualize ways that you can create that in your studio. Don't think for a minute that it can't happen! Set your standards and you will be thrilled and proud each day you walk into the studio you have created.

  1. Get rid of the bad apples. Yes, I know this may be difficult but if you have a teacher, staff member, student or parent that is just a pain in the neck. You have to make the move to get them out of your studio and life! No one should steal your joy. NO ONE! You work too hard and give too much of yourself. You deserve the utmost respect and happiness. Just before the New Year is a great time to meet with the problem people and inform them that your studio is just not the right fit for them. Thank them for being a part of your studio and wish them all the best for the New Year but let them know that as of the 1st they are out!

  1. Keep your mind in a good place. Running a business is hard work. There are and will be challenging moments, lord knows during the 28 years we have had our studio we have had plenty of those moments. But if you keep your mind thinking about how you can make your studio better and how you can increase your business you will see improvement. Try not to focus on all of the problems, I know that is not easy at times, believe me. But when you focus on what can be instead of what isn't then you will be shown the way to resolve any troubling issues you may be facing

  1. Set your New Year goals. This is the fun part. Take a look at where you are right now and then decide where you would like to be. This may include student count, income, faculty, choreography, competition results and anything else you can think of. Don't forget your personal ones as well. The only advice I would give in the goal department is, BE BOLD! We have always set lofty goals. Now I can't say that we have attained them all but we have had a lot of fun trying to achieve them and we have improved in any area where we have put our focus. Plus we have exceeded many as well!

Make a point that once you finish reading this article that you will go and find a pad and start to make notes to yourself. Focus on your vision. Hopefully you don't have anything negative happening at your studio but if you do start making plans to eliminate them. Keep your mind positive even in trying times and set those lofty goals. As the saying goes, "Go big or go home!"

We wish you all the best for the New Year ahead and a safe and joyous Holiday season.