Every business owner has moments when it seems that they are battling all kinds of negative forces. Studio owners are no different to other business owners when it comes to suddenly being hit with a crisis. Everything appears to be going along well and all of a sudden out of the blue you are hit with a major problem. Perhaps one of your teachers takes off and opens their own studio down the road and takes half your students with them. Or you find yourself in a financial crisis for whatever reason and then you discover that the one staff member you trusted completely has not only been going behind your back but has been stealing from you too!

There can be so many scenarios where you can be hit with something that for a moment pushes you into a depression. It is not easy being a studio owner because you are required to wear so many different hats and it is also a business where there is quite a lot of emotional involvement so it can be very hard to take when something goes terribly wrong. It is easy after you have had a setback to feel angry. You really wouldn't expect anyone to feel differently but it is what you do with that anger that matters. When someone stabs you in the back or treats you badly or without any consideration you would not be human if you didn't react to it with anger but once you have had that moment it is time to move on and take control of the things that you can control.

Often a moment of crisis can force you to re-look and reevaluate everything around you. In a way it opens your eyes and makes you more receptive to change. It isn't easy but if someone who you have trained to teach takes your students away when they decide to go out on their own it may be a sign that changes need to be made. It is immoral and a bad business practice to solicit your students and maybe your faculty too, however, as we know, it does happen! So start looking at your classes and evaluating if you need to do things differently, perhaps a different style of dance or a new faculty member, something to bring a new breath of air into your business. All businesses get into ruts and it is often only when something bad happens that business owners really take a good look at finding ways to rejuvenate everything. Sometimes by reinventing yourself, great things can happen!

Here are some techniques to help you wade through bad moments and come out on top shining like a star!

  1. When confronted with a bad situation stop asking yourself "Why me?" and ask yourself "Why not me?" Find out how you are going to handle the situation and how you can help others to handle it.

  2. Think about what your greatest strengths of character are, write them down and then look at what you have written. Here is the key and guide as to how you are going to approach the situation. Rely on your tenacity, your good humor or perhaps your talent at getting along with people. Whatever strengths you have, you need to use them to get yourself above the problem.

  3. Rally your strongest advocates around you and let them help you to move forward and upwards. Those who believe in you and what you are doing will be the people who will follow your lead and find ways to improve your situation. Be willing to listen to their thoughts, remember, they are in your corner!

  4. Whatever the situation is be honest and open with your spouse or significant other. Two heads are better than one when it comes to solving dilemmas!

  5. Find ways to keep your spirits lifted. If you are able to do that by trying to do the things that you like to do you normally you will find that it will be so much easier to remain upbeat.

  6. Have the spirit of gratitude each and every day for the good things and people that surround you.

As with all catastrophes in life, the further away we get from them the less pain and distress we feel. If you have a studio that is successful to any degree you can make it stronger and better once you can see your way through the smoke! Remember, you are in control and what you are unable to control does not deserve any of your time or energy! There are ways to bounce back after a crisis as long as you have the belief that you can.