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It Really Is Your Turn! Your Team-Your Dream!

This article is an excerpt from the book "It's Your Turn! The Success Blueprint For The Dance Studio Owner available at

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Your Role as a Communicator

As we know, owning a studio is very demanding, ever changing and always challenging. That is nothing new to most of us. Many times things become complicated when there is a lack of communication. Perhaps it is the communication link between you and your staff and faculty or it could be that some things are not getting through to your clients, the parents and students. It is very easy to get caught up in the moment when you own a dance studio because there are so many "moments" that can occur on a day to day basis that it is easy to sometimes forget to really make time to communicate how we want things to run in an effective way. Trust me, I know that it is not always easy but I do know that by forgetting or not making time to talk to the very people who make our business survive we are definitely making a mistake that over time could cost us.

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Creating Staff And Faculty Contracts

As this dance season is coming to an end for many schools around the world it is an important time to decide who will be coming back for next season. Once you have made your decisions it is important to sit down with each person to review how the year went and how you can improve what took place last year. Once a full review has been made it is now is the time to get everyone under contract so you can have peace of mind as to who will be teaching on each day and who will be working the desk or office staff.

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Evaluation In The Studio Sector

Assessment in the K-12 arena is a high priority and instilled requirement. It seems every which way you turn students are always being evaluated for their work as a way to assure the state or national "standard" is being met. The studio sector however is a different animal. With that said, how do you, as studio directors, find a diplomatic way of evaluating paying customers to provide useful feedback for student development? It's a slippery slope but a necessary one at that for a couple of reasons.

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