Parents and Dancers will find this checklist helpful when preparing for a competition that involves an overnight stay or a show.




Show underwear: Thong, Nude Bras, One piece nude body suit

Leotard x 2

Tights : Beige/Sun Tan, Black, Pink,Other (fishnet etc.) x2 of each

Costume List complete with accessories for each one (In hanging bag)

All dance shoes with extra pair of each

Hair accessories: Hair nets, bobby pins, clips, hair bands, pony tail bands

Hair spray, gel, curling or straightening iron as needed

Make up: Foundation, powder, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, eyelashes as needed with

eyelash glue, blush, lipstick, lip gloss.

Show jewelry: Earrings, necklaces, bracelets

Studio track suit

Comfortable shoes for time in between performances

Bathing suit


Clothes for regular wear

Optional dressy dress

Shoes to go outside facility

Tooth brush


Make up remover



Detangler (If needed)


Retainer (If needed)

Contact lens case and cleaner


Medication if needed

Antibiotic cream

Pointe shoe supplies (If needed)

Ankle/Knee support

Band Aids


Make Hotel reservation early

Label everything with your name

Fill up gas tank and windscreen wiper fluid

Check GPS and get directions to hotel and competition venue or theatre

Take all phone/IPad/Pod chargers

Pillow and blanket for car ride

Make sure you have performance schedule of times and events

Get cash to have on hand

Snacks - non messy!


Music for car? Book on tape?

You can add any other things that you feel are important to this list.