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The Top Ten Marketing Ideas

Marketing is the key to building your business. You know that and so does every other business. The question is how do you cut through all of the clutter to reach your target audience? Below is our top ten list of marketing ideas that we have used and continue to use. Best of all they work if you are consistent with your message. Don't do something once and expect an avalanche of new leads.

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To Be At Your Best, Go Away!

Running a small business is hard and demanding work. If you are not careful you can and will burn yourself out. It is also important to not become jaded or pessimistic in your views. This will only hamper the progress and growth of you and your business. If you want to get ahead then you must plan on getting away. That's right! You must get out of your studio and go away so you can have a fresh outlook on all that you do. After running our own studio for over 25 years here is an important fact that we can share with you

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Improving Your Sales Pitch

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