Independent Contractors Vs Employee

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Year End Assessment

Here we are once again moving rapidly to the end of another year. We are already planning and making preparations for all of the exciting events that are coming up the New Year. The beginning of anything is always exciting and endings can be slightly sentimental. The hardest part is sticking with our New Year's resolutions and plans and managing to keep them going for a long as it takes. What do you feel that you have accomplished with your business and personal life this year and where do you think you can make improvement? I think it is always a good idea especially over the holiday break to sit down and reflect on all that has happened, the highlights and the low moments, so that you can really look at everything objectively. It is good to be able to do this by yourself, but I also think it is very helpful to be able to talk things over with your spouse or significant other or even a good friend or business partner. There's something good that happens when you can get someone else's perspective. Sometimes when you look back and think that something has been a dismal failure someone can come in with a totally different perspective that makes you realize that occasionally good can definitely come out of disaster. I like to make lists and I find that if I see my thoughts written down it leaves a bigger impression on me.

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