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The Pros And Cons Of Competition

Over the years when I have talked to other studio directors there have been some strong opinions about the pros and cons of entering students into competitions. There are a huge number of dance competitions out there and it is a big business for many competition owners. Some studio owners are just anti competition and others practically do nothing but go to competitions, so is there a happy medium? My advice to anyone who has asked me about competition and whether or not they should get involved has always been the same that they have to evaluate what their interests are and what benefits they feel that their students are going to derive from it and go from there. All studio owners have their own ideas of what they like and dislike about competitions and basically, at the end of the day, they need to do what feels right to them.

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Clearing The Clutter

Well, the performances have come and gone and as I take a look at the studio I can see that it needs some work to get it ready for the fall. Some of you may take the summer off and others may have summer programs starting immediately. Either way you need to take the time or find the help to get everything back looking clean, refreshed and welcoming. I don’t know exactly what happens over show time, but somehow it always tends to look as if a bomb has hit the place!!

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Marketing With Free Events

Whenever we market our business we are always striving for one thing and one thing alone, to build our client base and to do so by getting people to come in to our business. If you can get interested individuals to walk in the door and you have something good to offer them as far as product you stand a good chance of converting them into clients. Years ago we did a survey with our clients and I can tell you it was quite an eye opener! We were sure that the most important thing to our clients was the quality of the education that we were able to give them. So we were quite amazed when we got the surveys back to discover that the quality of the education was not even in the top 5 and that other things were far more important to them especially initially. They wanted it to be convenient, for the kids to have fun, to make friends and the closer it was to schools the better because then the children could walk right to the studio. These were just a few of the things that were mentioned but it really helped us to change our marketing strategy.

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Getting The Word Out About Your Studio Through Press Releases

Tens of Thousands of small businesses start up every year putting little or no thought into their Public Relations (PR) and Marketing strategy. Millions of small businesses go through each subsequent year with almost no PR or Marketing direction.

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