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Evaluating Your Team!

Last month I wrote about your year in review. How did you do? Were you happy with your progress? Did your faculty and staff meet your expectations? I often receive emails from members wanting to know more about the process that we use to review and evaluate our team.

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Maximizing Your Studio Use

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The Benefits Of Planning

One of a group of well known motivational writers is a man named Napoleon Hill. I have found his books extremely helpful not only for myself but also in my teaching. In our business, as in really any business we are the leaders. We lead our staff, our faculty, our students and their parents. Every leader has to start somewhere and sometimes it is evident from an early age at other times it is something that develops over a period of time. I know for myself that I became a leader at a very young age much to the dismay of some of my friends!! There is nothing wrong with gradually becoming one and it may be that you have to follow some strong individuals in order to be able to absorb the leadership qualities from them. Whichever road you take to become a leader, the minute you open the doors of your studio for business, there you are the LEADER! At times being a leader can be very trying and in my experience there are times when it can also be extremely rewarding. Whichever way it goes for you the most important thing to remember is that you need to nourish your soul in order to be there for everyone and to have the strength to find solutions for every problem that arises on any given day. It can be draining and daunting at times and that is why it is so important to keep motivated and to keep positive people around you working as a team and above all it is important to have a good plan. Some of Napoleon Hill’s requirements for leadership are interesting, I particularly like the following:

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Educating Parents and Students

Each year at the beginning of May we send out recommendation forms and the fall schedule to all of our customers. The recommendation forms are made up from all the evaluations that we receive from each teacher regarding every student. Over the years, we have found that this system really works and our priority registration for current students usually begins in the middle of May for ten days. It gives our regulars a real chance of enrolling their children into the classes that they want to be in and also helps them to plan other activities for the fall around their dance schedule. This also signals the beginning of many meetings that are scheduled between us and parents to discuss the upcoming year and the schedule that their child or children want to do. These meetings are really worth the effort even though they can be time consuming they do give us an opportunity to educate the parents regarding dance classes and how they will affect their child. Typically we will schedule these meetings at certain times when we can be available during the week and usually they will go on for at least a week if not two. The most important reason for having them is that on the whole parents have absolutely no idea of what goes into dance education and therefore need help with understanding the structure of the schedule and the classes.

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