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Connecting With Local Business To Build Your Business

I have written about this subject in the past but it is a topic I feel very strongly about. If you are looking to increase business, brand and customer awareness then building connections with other businesses in your area is the quickest way to do so. I know that most dance school owners are extremely busy. Having to deal with choreography, class content, student, parent, teacher issues, marketing, ordering costumes, paying the bills and oh yeah, your personal life! It is a wonder how most of us have an opportunity to exhale! But if you don’t make a point of getting outside of your four walls it may be that you are the best kept secret in town. Here is how you can build your customer base and get to know the best places to market your business. By connecting with your local business community and building great and lasting friendships along the way.

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Expert Tips: Emerging Trends in Online Marketing

Here’s how small business owners can take advantage of the ever-expanding range of online tools to advance their marketing goals.

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Who's the Boss? 10 ways to start taking control

(Time management, goal setting and record tracking)

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The Eight Best Ways to Improve Customer Service

They are your life and blood.  Without them you can all but throw the towel in because there's no hope of ever having a successful business.  Customers are the life blood for any studio.  You can spend years and a whole lot of money getting them, but retaining customers should always be at the very top of your list.  Ask yourself what will keep a customer loyal to you?  What are you and your staff doing to keep your customers happy, satisfied enough to where they won't one day decide to leave you and take their business to the studio down the street?

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