Installation Made Easy

Handling, storing and installing a flooring system properly is vital to its well being, life expectancy, maintenance costs and your dancers.First some dos and don’ts.

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For The New Year... Set Your Goals NOW!

There are those who are bounded by laws and rules, yet success is too distant for them. On the other hand, there are those who appear to be easy going people but are successful. Think you have what it takes to be like them? Or would you rather do something different to achieve the elusive success?

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Now Is the Time to Market Your Summer Program

As the days become shorter and the cold weather brings ice and snow to us it is hard to think about what is going to happen in the summer. Now is the time, however, to start putting your plans together to get the word out about your summer programs. People really do plan ahead and if you can get all of your information into the hands of not only your current customers but also other families in your area before your competitors do, you will definitely have an advantage. Many people start to plan their summers in January and February because they want to be sure of vacations and that everyone has something positive to do.

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End of Year Bonuses For Your Team

Bonuses are a great way to reward the people who have been working for you all year. They act as motivators and rewards and are a nice way to thank faculty and staff for not only helping to build your business but also to keep it alive.

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