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Subflooring Made Easy By StageStep!

Why is subflooring so important?

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Words To Inspire

Studio owners have a tough job because not only do we have to motivate ourselves but we also have to motivate our staff, faculty, students and even parents to help everyone stay on the same page and to ultimately make our lives run smoother! It does take extra effort but definitely will pay off if you can find ways to keep everyone happy. Most 'regular' people think that dance school owners spend their days thinking creative thoughts and perhaps teaching a few classes, they have no conception of what it takes to do those things, run a business, keep everyone happy, juggle all the issues that come up on a daily basis and come out of the whole thing perfectly groomed and without a feather out of place!! We truly are an exceptional breed and sometimes we do have to give ourselves credit for surviving and moving ahead.

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Going above and beyond

In this crazy busy world that we live in it is easy to forget the niceties of life but if you take that extra step to help someone out or be extra courteous to them both you and your business will definitely stand out in a crowd. So many people skip some of the basic manners when dealing with people that it is like a breath of fresh air when someone goes out of their way to be of assistance.

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The Task of Faculty Hiring

Who you choose to hire to be part of your studio family says a lot about the tone you set for your business and the kind of training being offered. I’ve seen many directors go through massive teacher turn-over year after year and can’t figure out why they can’t seem to find a consistent staff who 'gets' what the studio’s mission is and can comply to it. While you might not fully know someone’s teaching style and whether they are a good fit for your studio until they’re teaching week after week, consider some of these things during the hiring process so you have a mental checklist of what you are ultimately looking for.

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Goal Setting For Dance Studio Owners Part II

Why is it that some people almost always succeed?

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