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Building Your PR Campaign

Don’t Stand In The Way Of Your Own Best Efforts

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The Art Of Negotiating

For anyone in business, learning how to negotiate will not only be an invaluable tool, but might also mean the difference between making your business a financial success or not. Before we start let get into the right mindset. Here is what negotiating is not: Being cheap, trying to get something for nothing, burning the other party or trying to pull one over on somebody. The key to successful negotiating is communication and that both parties win, whether it’s you and a landlord, a dance teacher or any vendor you might want to do business with. The more you create this type of deal, the more confidence you will have to do it again and again.

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Keeping Your Connections Strong

Connections are a large part of what keeps businesses not only surviving, but also growing. The reality is that people still prefer to do business with their friends because there is always more trust involved. Good relationships lead to success, happiness and eventually wealth. The more people who gravitate to you personally, the more solid your connections will be.

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Tips to Running A Successful Studio-Part I

In this special 2 part series we will explore tips to running a successful studio. While you read through the list I encourage you to stop after each point and consider it carefully. Think about your business and how it applies to what you are doing. Think about how you handle each topic and take some notes. The key is to think in ways of how you can do it better than you’re doing now. Even if you are doing what I recommend, try to think in terms of how you might switch up your approach for even greater success. Remember that part of growing your business begins with self-examination. Don’t worry if you find yourself lacking in one area. Just make a plan to get better at it. Once you do, everything else will fall into place. So let’s get started!

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