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Studio Savvy: Why Its So Important To Maintain Your Dance Floor

Yes, it takes time, effort and money to keep your dance floor looking good, but there are many good reasons to have a maintenance program to keep your floor in top condition.

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Controlling Office Chaos

For those of you who have finished your dance year, now is the time to really take a good look at your business and find ways to get everything in order. I know that in some states and in some parts of the world your season is not yet over, but whenever it is, take the time to look at ways to control any chaos that may exist. Chaos just causes stress and gives the people who work for you a feeling of insecurity and a lack of direction. Here are ideas to help you find order and in turn to increase the earning power of your business.

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Reaching Out To Customers Past And Present

To grow your school and build your business you need to not only work to retain your current students, but also reach out to past students to try to inspire them to return to your studio.

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Keeping Students And Parents Grounded

It is difficult sometimes to keep our students grounded and sometimes even more challenging to help parents understand that they do not need to speed their children’s training ahead. In this very competitive time that we live, every parent wants their child to excel at lightning speed in every direction. How many times have I sat down with a parent to explain to them the importance of training dancers in a timely manner? I have to admit that each year it seems to get worse and parents and children become more and more stressed. Helping them all to stay calm and stress-free is to our advantage as studio owners.

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