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Innovation Will Set You Apart

Innovation is the key to the growth of your business. Entrepreneurs are usually more apt to be innovators and as studio owners we are certainly entrepreneurs. Each year I am sure that you review your business and look at the successes and failures that you have had during that year. This is a very important part of growth, as it would be unrealistic to think that we do not have failures each year in one way or another. Perhaps it is failure to get through to a group of students or failure to communicate fully to the parents of our students. It could be a management failure in the front desk area or even failure on our part to make sure that we train our staff and faculty in a way that will make everything run more smoothly. Really, whatever the failure is, it is only a minus if you choose not to pay attention to it.

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Ordering Ahead

Sometimes as studio owners we get so caught up in the moment with each day rushing by, that we slowly start to become more and more disorganized without even realizing it. The end result of this is that everyone is running around in a panic trying to find the things that you need and spending twice as much on them because you need them immediately! Sound familiar? Trust me—we have all been there at one time or another.

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Your 6-Month Web Marketing Plan, Part II

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7 Steps to Outperforming Competitors

It’s times like these, when your competitors are distracted, that you can get the jump on them. If your competitors have had to lay off staff, or cut expenses, they may be just limping along.  Marketing was probably one of the first things they pulled back on—even while knowing they shouldn’t have. By the time their business picks up (if it ever does), they will have a lot of catching up to do.

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