How to Make Communication FUN!

The following is an expert from Robert’s latest book 'How to Make Communication FUN!'  Robert will be presenting his sought after seminars 'How to Make Communication FUN!', 'How to Make Customer Service FUN!' and 'How to Make Leadership FUN!' at the next Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo.

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True Success Starts With Your Vision

Your vision is a powerful force. Think big and watch your business grow.

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Business Building Part IV

The ultimate plan for customer retention

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Assessing Your Students Progress

Communicating a student’s progress to their parents is a key factor in retaining students and an excellent way to keep class levels where you want them to be. It also helps your front desk staff to know at a glance what the correct placement is for each student and gives them a feeling of confidence when talking with the parents when they are registering their child, even if they know nothing about dance.

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