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A 4- Part Survival Kit For Stuido Owners

Every day is a challenge for studio owners no matter how big or small your studio is. I think I can safely say that each day presents a new set of problems and issues that need to be resolved. Of course, each day can also present successes, big or small. It is definitely a rollercoaster ride and to maintain your balance and sanity it is helpful to have ways to attack—or accept—whatever comes your way. Our suggestion for a 'survival kit' is simply a way of enabling you to be ready to tackle problems without letting them get you down and to accept the successes without becoming too euphoric.

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9 Ways To Build Excellent Telephone Technique

For most dance schools the first contact with your customers is via the phone. Make the most of it or pay the consequences. The key is to train all of your staff to answer the phone with a technique that will be uniform, pleasant and professional.

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Business Building Part II

The Marketing Plan That Works
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Ramping Up Testimonials

Gathering and utilizing authentic customer testimonials is a great way to a) get closer to your customers and b) offer proof that your dance school delivers results. People can be very motivated by the comments of their peers.

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The Power Of Goals

Goals are a powerful way to fulfill the desire that made you go start your business in the first place. Without setting goals for ourselves we are like a river meandering along going somewhere without any time constraint and arriving at some point to some destination! Dance studio owners are usually artistic people and artistic people are usually dreamers. The key is to set goals that will make our dreams a reality. It is important to not only set our goals for our studio at the beginning of the year but also to revisit them during the year so that we are constantly staying focused on those dreams.

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