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10 Laws for Writing Letters that Get Results

Have you ever written a sales letter? If not, you may want to consider writing one. Send your letter to a customer that has not returned, to prospective customers who have called for information or to a list of your target audience. Check out ways to write a killer sales letter – the ten essential tips.

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Optimum Usage Of Your Studio Space

In this economy, we need to find additional ways to utilize our studio space and at the same time market our business to as many people in our community as possible. How many times have you heard new customers say 'I didn’t realize that this studio was here!' and thought to yourself, how could this be possible?

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Getting A Head Start-Planning Your Summer Programs

That cold chill is suddenly in the air, Thanksgiving is around the corner and then we are full swing into the holidays. Summer seems awfully far away and yet now is the time to prepare your summer programs and more importantly, to get the word out about them before anyone else does.

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To Create A Great Headline, Give Reasons!

If you want your ads to pull more, look at your headline. It may be that you are not getting your reader to be interested in your ad simply because your headline is not pulling them in to read more. One easy way to create a compelling headline is to give reasons. Reasons involve readers with your ad. To learn more, they have to read the rest of your copy. The trick to making this work is in targeting your prospects. If you are an accountant, give reasons that tie in to your service. If you're a baker, give reasons why your food is better. For Dance school owners give reasons why they should do business with you!

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