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The Ten Most Important Tips For Successful Email Marketing

If you are not using email marketing for your clients and prospective clients you are missing out on a great opportunity to not only build better lines of communication with your customers, but also to continue to sell to them. When a prospective client calls your school, getting their email address is one of the things that your front desk staff needs to do. Let prospective clients know that you will be sending them information, updates and special offer.

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Tips To Running A Successful Studio, Part II

Here are my next 7  tips for running a successful studio. As with last month’s suggestions, I encourage you to stop after each point and consider it carefully. Think about your business and how it applies to what you are doing. Think about how you handle each topic and take some notes. The key is to consider how you can do each task better than you’re doing it now. Even if you are doing what I recommend, try to think in terms of how you might switch up your approach for even greater success. Remember that part of growing your business begins with self-examination. We do it every year and learn a lot about what we do and how we can do it better. Don’t worry if you find yourself lacking in one area. Just make a plan to get better at it. Once you do, everything else will fall into place. So let’s get started!

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Are You Inspiring Your Dance Studio Employees?

As the leader of your dance business, you want your employees to perform at their best—and you have more influence over their performance than you may think. A self-confident employee who knows his or her role in the success of the business performs better. Employees who view their jobs as insignificant will reflect those attitudes through their work. It is up to you to create an atmosphere for success, bettering their work performance, the atmosphere at work, and the entire image of your studio.

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Dance Floor Systems

What makes them tick and why you need to know this.

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