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Your Season End Review Process Starts Now

Nowadays most businesses are looking to cut costs. Some are cutting budgets even though they are having a good year financially. It is a good idea now that the season is over to analyze where your hard earned dollars are going to see if there are any unnecessary expenses or cash drains that can be eliminated. We take a few days after all the dust has settled to look at all of our data and to explore ways to be more effective and productive. Here are some key things to look at.

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Pushy Parent Syndrome

Every year before our season ends we have our faculty fill out evaluation forms on each student that they teach. From those evaluation forms we fill out recommendation forms that are sent out to each parent before we start our Fall registrations. We keep a copy of each childs form at our front desk so that every staff member who is working there and accepting new registrations can compare our recommendations to what the parent or child wants to register for. We have found that this makes it so much easier to put the students into the correct classes for them.

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Head Start: Structuring Your Class Schedules

Creating a new schedule for the Fall is always a challenge. Each year, because of faculty availability, ages of the students and the introduction of new classes, I always find it necessary to change things around. Some classes just always seem to work in their spots, especially those of the preschool age.

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Underground Marketing That Works Get Targeted, Get Strategic, Get The Word Out

As I have preached many times, one of these most important parts of your business will be how well your marketing works. It will determine how well your business is perceived by the public and whether you will get the attention of new customers. Without it your business cannot grow or sustain that growth. Yet for some reason most people take out one ad, look over the results and decides from that one effort if their marketing was successful or not.

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