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Adding Music Lessons to Your Dance School

For years we would have students ask us who we would recommend for them to take voice lessons from. There were several teachers we knew in our area, but after serious consideration we decided to add voice to our curriculum. It is easier than you think to add a music program to your school. The first year we had vocal only, then added piano, guitar, drums and violin. This program has grown fast and with little effort. Think about how easy it would be to advertise this new program. Our first 40 sign-ups for lessons were our current students! All of the ads for our studio now include a blurb about our music program. We are selling two programs in one ad! Now, instead of getting people just interested in dance, we also are getting people interested in music. More bang for your buck! One excellent benefit that you can promote is the convenience for parentsthey wont have to run from one location to another. If they have two children, one interested in dance and one in music, they only have to drive to one place. Save people time and they will love your program and spend more money with you! Here is how we did it!

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Is There a Leader In You?


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Making Your Studio Inviting

When customers arrive at your studio does it look inviting? Perhaps you have an older studio that needs some updating or possibly a very new studio that is starting to show signs of wear and tear. We are constantly amazed at how much damage seems to happen in such a short period of time. Each year we paint and clean and mend and tidy, but when you are dealing with large numbers of children wear and tear, if not some outright damage, is inevitable! At this time of year we like to assess the damage and make a plan for when and where we will fix it all. I know that many schools have programs running during each month of the year and Im sure, especially in these economic times, we are happy that we do actually have all those classes. If you do take a break in the summer then obviously that is a good time to make any repairs or to do any special cleaning projects. If not, youll need to assess if you have one evening each week that can be set aside or perhaps a weekend before summer classes start that can be reserved for these repairs.

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Developing Multiple Sources of Income

For any business to continue to grow it is important to look at ways to develop multiple sources of income that will increase your bottom line. It may be that you need to think a little outside the box when evaluating where you can expand your income. Adding additional classes to your curriculum in dance is only one idea and it may be that you need to add something completely different to make the big difference you’re looking for.

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Time, Time, Time Management Part II

Time, Time, Time Its On My Side, Yes, It Is! The song made famous by the Rolling Stones needs to be sung out every day by studio owners. Make sure you see what you have accomplished each day and that nagging time management issue will fade away! Many times, when I stop and think about how much I have to do, I can feel overwhelmed before I even start. I review what has to be done and I wonder how I am ever going to get it all accomplished. And there are times when I will go home at the end of a long, grueling day, and feel somewhat unfulfilled, like I have been spinning my wheels and havent accomplished much of anything. But I know better because, at those exact moments, I pull out my secret weapon, MY LIST, and lo and behold I have done all that I was supposed to do! Call it what you like the tasks for the day list or the geter done list. Whatever you title it, I recommend you make one and check off things as you finish them.

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