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The Parent Traps

If you own and operate a dance school, one thing is certain, you will at some point have an issue with a parent. OK, it might be a few issues with a few parents over the course of a lengthy career! Fortunately most of them will be small things that can be handled quite easily. Some, however, will present a greater challenge and test your management skills to the max. One thing I want to share with you is, most of the time if you follow your gut feeling on any issue you are facing, you will be right on the money. If, for instance, you think a parent is bad mouthing you, you are probably right! The way you proceed in these situations is not only the key to a successful conclusion to any issue, but will also determine how well your business is viewed by your clients. Here are four typical scenarios that every studio owner will be called on to address at some point.

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Gearing Up For The Summer!

You might still be shivering, but its time to turn up the heat on your marketing plans. Before you know it summer will be here. That means now is the right time to start promoting your summer programs. We have a strong feeling that this summers attendance may be exceptionally high because of the current economic conditions. Unfortunately for so many people, summer vacations are being postponed or canceled. With more families likely to stay home and sleepaway camps being cost-prohibitive for many, we believe families will be looking more to local businesses that can offer a fun, cost-effect alternative for their child. Normally we dont spend that many dollars promoting our summer programs. We traditionally have a great turnout for our preschool camps and summer intensive. Our plan is always to get these brochures out early to our current clients, and the programs tend to fill up pretty quickly. We usually get a small amount of new clients, but we never typically put our energy, our focus or our summer advertising dollars on trying to attract new students. This year, however, our plan is to expand our summer programs and to market them to new clients. We feel that its important to expand our summer series to better serve our community, both the parents we know and new parents who are looking for interesting and creative outlets for summer fun for their children.

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What Does The Customer Want?

Now hear this:

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Make Every Performance Sparkle

Whether a recital or competition number, as always, its the little details that make the difference on stage. At this time of year everyone is busy preparing for their recitals or end of year shows. Competitions are in full swing and we are all looking for that edge to make our dancers look more proficient and polished. We are also trying to think of all the little details that will make our performances go smoothly so that everyone is happy at the end result.

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