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Your 6-Month Web Marketing Plan Part I

Below you'll find six ideas to drive qualified leads to your website over the next half a year. I will be doing another article later in 2010 on the remainder of the year. The key is to have a plan and follow it through. If you devote just a bit of time you will see a big difference. Don’t let it scare you off because it is online marketing. It is easier than you think and, best of all, you can set a low budget to start and adjust it as you see fit.  If you are still not sure about how to proceed I recommend that you contact your local college and hire a student who is computer literate to help you set up your account or see if there is a parent who is willing to work this for you for a discount on tuition.

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Developing a Pricing Strategy

'How much should I charge?' 'What do you charge for classes?' These are questions I have been asked by many new and experienced dance school owners. Charging either too little or too much may produce the same results: difficulty luring customers, poor cash flow and suspicions about the quality of your training.

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Organization 101: How To Get Your Business In Gear

When you organize your business and eliminate the clutter, you will feel reenergized. You will find that you are easily motivated to get straight to work when you don’t have a mess to deal with. You will save time otherwise wasted looking through piles or searching for a missing document on your computer. Begin by establishing a plan. Prioritize your list, set a date with yourself and identify your motivation. Then all you have to do is follow these easy steps.

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Eight Reasons Why Direct Mail Is So Powerful

Direct mail is perhaps one of the most powerful marketing mediums in use today. Few other marketing tools can deliver your message with exact precision at such a low cost. The amount of mail in your mailbox every day attests to the effectiveness of this medium. If it didn't work, your mailbox would be empty!

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