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6 words to avoid in your copywriting.

The consumer is bombarded with marketing messages all day long. In the car, on television, reading a paper or e-zine. The key to connecting with your prospective clients is to have good copy that is to the point without words that will slow the reader down. Research has shown that you have about seven seconds before they lose interest. That is after they have seen your message about 10 to 12 times! Yikes, it’s going to be costly to reach those prospective customers. Experts in the field of copywriting have found that the following words just slow the reader down. Since you only have seven seconds to get your message across you will need to make a compelling offer quickly!

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To Sell Or Not To Sell Your Dance School

After the decision to start your own dance studio, perhaps the most challenging decision you can make is whether or when to sell it. You conceived it, built it, poured your lifeblood into it, and now find yourself with a viable, profitable enterprise you can call your own. You have built an asset! Now…what to do with it?

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Positive Ways To Deal With Students And Parents

As a studio owner we are constantly faced with having to talk to parents about the numerous situations that come up each and every day. One thing about our business — it is never boring or monotonous. Parents make sure of that…sometimes in a good way and sometimes not!

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Sales 101: The difference between marketing and advertising

I have received several e-mails from members about different ads they ran and how successful they were. What struck me the most is that many people confuse marketing with advertising and vice versa. While both components are important, they are very different. Knowing the difference and doing your market research can put your dance studio on the path to substantial growth.

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