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How to Build Your Adult Programs

Every studio has adults that want to dance. They may be former Students, mothers of students, former dancers or just housewives that dont like going to the gym to work out. Over the years we have experimented with a variety of different classes. We have morning classes and evening classes to suit everyone.

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The Plan Part II

Last month we started to look at the overall plan to make your studio better. We wrote about the Evaluation part and how every year we have meetings with our staff, talk to customers and take a long hard look at the way we do things. Every year we have found that we can do something better. Sometimes it is just a simple change and at other times it is something that needs to be implemented over a period of time. We broke it down into three parts, Evaluation, Profits and Vision. Now that we have focused on the evaluation section and you have gone through the process that we recommended. You will soon be putting into place changes for the fall.

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Satisfying the Customer

When creating different programs and classes for your studio one of the best places to start to look is through the eyes of your current customers. We are constantly searching for ways to better satisfy what the customer wants. Find a want or need and then create the way to satisfy that want or need. With this in mind the best way to tap into the minds of your customers is to ask them. We are big proponents of surveys. For the most part your best customers will gladly fill them out. We have also found that they will also tell you very truthfully what they like and what they do not like. Then it is as simple as creating more of what they like and doing away with the things they do not. Sounds easy enough but most business owners dont bother to do it. Get to know your customers and they will help you build your business. Knowledge is the key, if you know what makes them tick then you will be able to keep them happy forever. The key word that we want to work with is to satisfy.

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Grow Your Business

Your ability to operate your dance studio as a business is the main determining factor of your profitability. To help you sharpen this ability, here are seven significant principles that every business owner needs to follow. They are relevant and important at every stage of your business. Remember that, even though your business is based in the arts, it is a business, and your dance classes and programs are your products. Once a year, its essential to look at your studio from this business perspective to make sure youre getting the financial results you want.

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