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Summer, A Time For Rest, Renewal And Re-energizing

As the end of the season comes in sight we all know how busy this time of year is. Rehearsing for the end of year performances, making sure all the evaluations are out to the parents, meeting with parents to discuss their childs progress and a multitude of other duties. It really can be overwhelming even for the most organized of us! For us the showcase performances are the termination of our semester and we then have two weeks before our summer programs start.

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Competition Will Keep You At Your Best!

All businesses are subject to competition. How you feel and react to your competition is really the key. Competitors want to get business just as much as you do. They will fight, tell stories about you, they will undercut you, will play dirty and go to any lengths to get a student, especially yours! Our job is to get our current and new students to do business with us and to maintain the highest standards in our business. We can do this by out-thinking, out valuing and out performing the competition.

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Customer Service from the Inside Out

Many big businesses have been trying for decades to import good service practices and graft them into their own work settings. They use training programs or other means to try an outside-in approach that seldom makes things any better and often only makes things worse. Truly customer-focused businesses deliver outstanding service from the inside out. The key is to get your employees coming up with their own ideas for delighting customers, and then letting positive feedback from happy customers motivate your workers to continue implementing more of their own innovative service strategies. This is a very powerful concept where employee motivation and customer satisfaction fuel each other in a chain reaction of contagious enthusiasm. That's easier said than done, of course, unless your business has an actual process in place to keep the chain reaction bubbling. Such a process doesn't have to be complicated.

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The Plan Part 1

Now that we are at the end of our season, this is when we start to do the most work on our business for next year and beyond. The best place to begin is to do an evaluation of everything you do. Look at all aspects of your business with the goal in mind of, how can we do it better? It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that what you are doing is working and applying the principal of, if it isnt broken, dont fix it! I recommend just the opposite. Perhaps you are doing something that is successful but that by just changing one thing or adding another could make it even better.

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