Do-It-Yourself PR for the Small Business Owner

One excellent FREE source of advertising that small business owners can take advantage of is a press release. What makes it different is that it should not look or appear to be an advertisement. It is helpful to know what the editors are looking for and how to get your story in the paper. There is a blanket formula that you can use that will increase the likelihood that your press release will make it to print. If you have done a competition, are presenting a show, hiring a new instructor, building or moving to a new facility, plan on doing a fundraising event, holding a master class or any other newsworthy story, then you have a possible opportunity for a press release. Do not take it personally if it does not make it to the paper. However, it is helpful if you can build some kind of relationship with the editor. Send them a thank you note or some other kind of gift when you do get your story published so that they remember you.

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Fantasy Ballet Summer Programs

Early childhood summer programs are an excellent way to not only keep existing students but also to bring new students in. It gives them a chance to become familiar with your studio and what you have to offer, so that when it comes time to start in the fall, they are eager to do so. Everyone is more relaxed in the summer and the children are not tired from their usual activities and therefore often much more open to getting involved.

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The Retention Plan

To help make your business grow, create a retention plan and keep your customers coming back for more! One of the biggest mistakes we can make as business owners is to constantly be looking for new customers and not to focus on the ones we already have. So much attention is always put on advertising to get the word out about our business, that it is easy to take the focus away from our current customers. Jeffrey Gitomer, who has written many great books on customer loyalty, says that most companies spend 80% of their advertising budget on getting new customers and only 20% on their current ones. He suggests that it would be wiser to reverse this and spend more on keeping who you have instead of always trying to get new. It is, after all ,easier to keep someone coming back for more once they have bought from you than it is to get someone new to try you out. Spending money to get new leads is harder to do and can be more costly. If you could dedicate some, or most of your marketing dollars, to get your current customers to spend more with you, you could increase your income significantly without ever getting one new student.

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