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Making Plans to Succeed

It is easy when you are running a dance studio to get so caught up in what you are doing day to day that you forget to look at the big picture. We can get so involved in the everyday grind that we lose focus on what is important to us and what plans we are working on to make our dreams come true. We will spend a lot of money and hours working on routines, choosing costumes and rehearsing. Yet if you ask yourself what your ultimate goal is and you do not have a clear answer or you find yourself thinking that you just want to get through the year, it could very well be that you have not made a solid plan.

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How to Get and Use Testimonials

One of the most powerful forms of advertising is the use of a testimonial. Most people are much more impressed and find it more credible when one of your clients says something good about you than when you say how good you are. Let's face it the best form of advertising is word of mouth. So if you can get some good written and video testimonials they will have a similar effect. What has more impact? An ad that has us spouting off about how great we are and how we are the best or one that has several customers saying how great you are and how you are this and that. By getting testimonials it provides proof that your product or service is what you say it is. It builds credibility and reputation. It also builds a loyal bond between you and the customer in the ad.

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Technical Effects on a Budget

As we all approach the time of year for our showcases and recitals we are always looking for ways to make this year's show better than last year's. One way to make your show look like a professional production is to spend a few dollars on some technical effects that will make the show more enjoyable for the audience and more fun for the performers. Through the years we have spent a lot on some effects that do not really give you that bang for the buck. Some of the more inexpensive devices are most effective. Remember to check with the theater or school where you will be doing your show to see if they have any restrictions or regulations. If you bring in additional lights you will need to find out if they have room on their board to accommodate these added fixtures. It is best if you give them an exact breakdown of what you will be adding and what you will need from them.

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Getting Ads for Your Program

Every year, around this time we start to work on our program for our student showcase. We have found this to be a great way not only to connect with other business owners but also a way to raise funds for scholarships. Even though we are not a non profit business we approach our scholarship fund as if we are. The funds that we designate for scholarships go into a specific account and once we give the scholarships out those funds are then transferred into the business checking account. Through the years I don't know of one studio that has not given out scholarships. Most of the time business owners just absorb the cost and call it a scholarship when in reality it really is a loss of profit. This way there really is money that will be used and you are in control because you know exactly how many scholarships you can give out. There is only so much money that you have and once that is gone that's it!

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