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Managing Recital Mayhem!

Each year it seems that we start the new semester in September and all of a sudden it's that time again! Recitals or as we call them Student Showcases are an extremely important part of the studio life. An exciting, smooth running performance can not only spread goodwill with your current clients but also greatly add to your ability to publicize your studio to prospective clients. Every studio has their own creative ideas on how to present their dancers.

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That Will Work; Ideas That Can Make You Money!

Through the years have we have found ways to keep that all important cash coming in year round! The beauty part of our type of business is that we can look at our slow cash months in advance and build in an event that will help to bring in some much needed cash during that time. The best way to make these events work is to target not only new people but your existing clients as well. If they are already buying from you there will be no wasted time or money in cold selling. You will need to also promote it to new clients but they will not be the ones that will make or break the event.

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Your Fired!

Yes, that line has been made a bit more famous by Donald Trump on the apprentice but in the real world it may be the single hardest thing to say to an employee. If you have owned your studio for a while you may have already had to experience this unpleasant task. It may be that you are considering doing it right now!

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The Three Proven Ways to Boost Your Bottom Line

The never-ending issue of trying to expand and grow your business constantly looks you in the face. Who hasn't asked the question, "How do I boost my bottom line?" As a business owner, there are several ways to approach growth. The avenues are as unique as you are and can depend greatly on your industry, location, and setup. That said, there are three fundamental strategies that are tried and true: 1. Increase your number of customers or client base. 2. Increase your average transaction value. 3. Increase the frequency at which customers purchase from your business.

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