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Valentine Character Event

Every year, we run our Valentine Character Party for children from three to six years old. At the party, the children make Valentine cards, learn a dance to do with a popular costume character and then have their photo taken with the character. It is a customer appreciation day and marketing tool all rolled into one. We open it up to current students, siblings and any friends they would like to invite. It enhances the family's overall experience at the studio and introduces their friends to our program. It is not only the children that come away happy after one of these events but also the parents who are thrilled to see that their children are being offered something fun to do in a family friendly environment for FREE!

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27 Marketing Tips

Practice a few of these must-know marketing tips every day and build up your guerilla-marketing muscles. Part of the guerrilla marketing mindset suggests that you should be thinking about marketing all the time. Not just quarterly, not just monthly, not just weekly, but every single day. Really, it's not as hard as it sounds--there are quite a few ways you can incorporate marketing into your daily activities. It's often said that doing anything for 21 days in a row will eventually turn into a habit for you. And a marketing habit is a great thing for any business to have. So what I'm going to suggest is that you choose three to five things every day that are related to marketing for your business and do them at the beginning of the day before you start fighting the daily fires--and forget all about your planned tasks. If you work on this developing a marketing habit--and the proper marketing mindset--every day, you'll soon find that you're going above and beyond your "three to five things" limit. You'll find yourself talking and thinking in terms of headlines or talking, listening and thinking in terms of your customers and prospects' benefits. And the more you think marketing, the greater the chance you'll accomplish your marketing and overall business goals.

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Finding the right location

Location - location - location! Yes we have all heard that old saying about real estate. The same can be said when trying to find the right location for your dance studio. Whether you are starting out new, relocating or finding a second location the overriding factor in all of it is the cost. The good news is we can put a dance studio in lots of places where other business could not exist. We don't need a store front. We do need space and high ceilings, the more of both the merrier. We need some parking. Most of the business dance studios get is from people who seek us out. Not many people just stumble into a dance school and say " This is exactly what I was looking for!"

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