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Promoting Yourself and Your School

I remember when Angela and I first started our studio twenty two years ago. We knew a lot about teaching, something about business and very little on how to promote ourselves. We even knew of dance teachers who thought that it was somehow sleazy or uncouth to promote what they did well. If you think that you are in someway selling out or if you are concerned about being looked down upon, forget that thought! I know that some people may think that promotion is beneath them. Some feel that if people are interested in what they have they will automatically find them. People may hope that clients are going to seek them out but the market place is crowded with a lot of services, like dance schools, and even though theirs may be the best, without adequate promotion no one will ever know! Anyone who believes that promotion for their business is unnecessary will be forever trying to make ends meet and they will most likely never be able to reach the level that they hoped for with their business.

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New ways to make your dancers stand out at competition

As we embark on the new competition season, now is the time to evaluate your costume strategy.

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The Economic Outlook

If you happen to watch the news or any of the news networks you will be, like most people in America today, scared to death! The truth is the more you hear this bad news, the more you want to contract. It makes you feel like doing less of everything. That includes spending your money on advertising and anything else that depletes your hard earned money. It is the reason why we, along with many other entrepreneurs, are cutting back on how much we watch on television, read or listen to. Of course, we need to see what is going on and not stick our heads in the sand but if all you hear is doom and gloom for hours on end how can you possible think clearly about your business? How can you have a positive outlook and be inspired to do new things with your business? Even if things are going well, it makes you think that it is only a matter of time before the sky starts falling!

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Ideas To Help Increase Preschool Enrollment

The key to building a solid student body base is to constantly be finding ways to increase the pre school students. Pre school classes are generally held during the morning or early afternoon hours, both times that are not used for classes for the older children. The more you are able to build those classes, the more likely you are going to build a client base that will sustain you for years to come. Very often, children who begin to study with you at an early age will remain with you for their entire childhood and into their teens. Parents who bring their children to you at a very young age often become your most loyal clients. So, all in all, to increase those pre school students is a win - win situation.

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