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How To Find The Choreographer Within Us

As teachers of Dance we are constantly called upon to create movement, whether it is a few counts of eight, a complete number or a full length Ballet. Some teachers find it an easy continuation of their daily classes and others struggle with the entire process. The reality is that teachers in a dance studio or any school that teaches dance are sometimes going to have students that are technically phenomenal and at other times will be challenged by students who are perhaps mediocre or worse in their technical knowledge. Unlike professional choreographers who are blessed to be able to create their works on elite dancers, the typical dance teacher has to create choreography on students of all ages and types and make them look their best. Why we create choreography usually has very little, if anything, to do with the business side of the studio or schools continued success, however, very often what happens with the choreography does affect the success of the program.

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Fairy Tale Birthday Party

How to give incredibly fabulous fairy tale princess parties in your dance studio! First, to prepare for the very important birthday, a day that children and their friends in your studio are going to always remember as THE VERY BEST, HOT DIGGITY-DOG DAY OF THEIR LIVES, you need to plan. Lets get going!

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Marketing For Results!

We have all heard stories about marketing. The most common one that I hear is when a studio owner uses a newspaper ad, post card, self mailer or any other marketing tool one time and is not happy with the results. If you do anything in marketing once, the chances are you wont be happy. There is no magic bullet, no one thing that you do that will bring in a huge influx of new customers. One of the most important things you can do for your business, and bottom line, is to develop a marketing plan. If you are someone who read the above statement and thought, Oh, I dont have time for that or I dont know how to do that or maybe That sounds like a lot of additional work. Relax! Its not going to be tough at all. As a matter of fact, once you follow through with your plan, you will be thrilled with the overall results, which will give you more students and profits!

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