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Performance Group Classes

If you do competition or are looking to add it to your school we have developed a way to add these groups to your program. We call these classes Performance Groups. We have been doing competitions for over 20 years so we have done a lot of tinkering to get the kinks out. After much trial and error we have developed a system that we have used over the last ten years and we are very happy with the results. The parents, for the most part, like it too!

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The Right Mix of Business and Artistry

There are false notions that if you try to expand your business or try to make it grow that you are selling out! Why are dance studios any different from any other business? I have found through the years from talking to a lot of studio owners there is always a dilemma of finding the right mix so that studio owners don't feel like they are selling out in some way. The most important thing that we, as studio owners, must find is the right mix to balance out the important things that we face day in and day out. First and foremost is to understand that we are running a business and that must and will take first place over everything else. I know that if you love to still teach and you are at your studio every day this can and will be a real challenge.

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Website Design Ideas

If you already have a website or are about to get one, there are some ideas that we have used and have had a lot of success with.

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DVD Brochure

About two years ago we introduced a DVD brochure at our studio and have been receiving great reviews from prospective clients. In our recent teleseminar for studio owners we gave a brief description of what we did and how it has worked for us. We have had a lot of interest in it and have had requests to do a story on the exact "how to" of it. Below is an outline of what you will need to create one. The best thing about the DVD brochure is that you can highlight the USP (unique selling proposition) that makes you different from your competitors. Think of it as a five to seven minute infomercial. When prospective clients come in to your studio and you hand them a DVD it is very unique and a powerful tool. When you mail them your literature and you include a DVD brochure you know that you are providing them with something different from everyone else. Furthermore you can give them a look at your studio, so when they do come in, they feel like they already know you and are familiar with your facility. You will need someone who can edit video. You will also need a video camera or to hire a videographer. Let's take a look at where to start and what is needed.

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