Teacher and Staff Contracts and Agreements

 As we approach a new season, presumably with some new and some existing faculty and staff, we are faced with the decision on what to offer each one and how to present the offer to them. Many studio owners feel that contracts are not necessary and that a verbal agreement is sufficient. Even if you have the greatest relationship with a staff or faculty member it is best to write down exactly what it is you want them to do and both of you sign it! This makes them understand that this is a commitment and makes you look professional and organized.

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Quick money making ideas for your studio

 Cash flow is the life blood of any business and will be one of the important keys to the success of your studio. Without it you will have lots of sleepless nights and unwanted stress. Over the years we have tried some different events and promotions to give us a quick cash injection. The key here is to try to sell mostly to your existing customers. This way you already know that they have an interest in what you are selling and you won't waste any time, energy and money trying to sell to someone who may or may not be interested in doing business with you.

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How To Set Up A Core Barre Class

Every student can really benefit from the use of core barre exercises. Not only will they become very much stronger and less susceptible to injury but they will have a better understanding of how to place their bodies and will find, over a period of time that turns, leaps, arabesques and attitudes, releves, piques and basically any type of balancing movement will suddenly not be such a struggle. As I like to tell any student, "The art of Dance has been developed over centuries and is designed to work, it is only us dancers who forget or don't understand the basic principles of how to place our bodies that make our efforts sometimes extremely frustrating."

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