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Fundraising For Big Profits

Why not do a fundraiser that puts money in your pocket. Like many, if not all of you, over the years we have given away thousands and thousands of dollars on scholarships. I don't know about you, but that was money, at that time we didn't have, but we still gave it away. Yes we dance teachers have big hearts and can't stand the thought of a student, especially with talent, not being able to take class just because they don't have money, Right! Well now you can have the best of both worlds. That's right, really have money to give scholarship so you get paid too. Many years ago we started to do a fund raising Gala.

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Marketing Your Studio

We all know we have to do it, we all know that we should do it but who has the time to do it! If you feel like this sometimes, join the club. If you want to take your business to the next level this season the marketing plan you implement could be the most important thing you do. To get better at this I have read numerous books, have had a business coach, have gone to many seminars and am part of a master mind group lead by Sam Beckford. I have had many teachers say to me that they ran an ad and it didn't work. That they tried a few things but the dance studio business is different, well if that is the approach then you are doomed!

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Teacher Nightmares

This one is not about waking up in a sweat because the students you taught all year can't remember their routine for your year end show. Oh no, it's worse! One of your teachers, has turned into a nightmare! Now you have to deal with this whole mess. If you have had your studio long enough, I am sure you know what I am writing about. The teacher who is back stabbing you. Stealing from you or scheming to steal your students and open their own place. Just to name a few. It happens from time to time and is a part of the business we all need to be ready to deal with. One thing is for sure, try to focus on your clients and that you are in control, even if you have to fake it till you make it! I know that some of you have been burnt by some people that you have helped and have done the most for. We try not to take it personally. I know, not very easy to do. Yet it is best to help you keep your sanity.

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The 9 Secrets To Success

Everyone wants to know what it takes to make a studio successful and profitable! This is the magic question and we are constantly searching for what it is that the costumer is looking for and how that fits in with our core beliefs of what we want our studio to be. First, and most importantly, is that we must be true to ourselves. You know what will make you happy and what will not. Don't sell out doing something you know you will not be comfortable with because in the long run you will not be happy.

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