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Show'em That You Care

 Using seasonal events to do costumer appreciation is a great way to show your costumers that you value their business. If done correctly you can also use these events to get your name out and bring in new students. Halloween is a great time to produce an event that will appeal to children of ages 2-14. As with any event the planning that goes into it is going to determine how much of a success it will be .If your studio is close to other businesses or in the center of a town a great idea is to have a "Safety Street" where children and their parents can make their way around all the businesses and so can trick or treat in a safe environment and during daylight hours. Talk to your community leaders if there is not a plan in place. Next, make a list of all the different items you are going to need plus make arrangements to close your studio for that day for regular classes as it is very difficult to run classes and have the event at the same time.

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13 ways to market for next to nothing

 Marketing can get expensive in a hurry! Through the years we have looked for ways to market our studio on a budget. Most small businesses have a limited budget to work with and we are always on the look out for inexpensive alternatives. I have heard from many studio owners that they would love to market their studio but they feel they don't have the money to do so. The reality is that it doesn't have to be vastly expensive to be effective.

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Your Online Presence

 We have noticed an interesting trend over the past couple of years. More people are using online services to find local businesses. This has impacted our advertising budget and where we need to spend the more. If you do not have a website then it is the first thing you should add this fall to your marketing campaign. It does not have to be that expensive to create one at first. You can go online and create your own website tonight with no experience or computer knowledge. Once you get going then you can see about adding more to your website and consider hiring a web designer.

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Creating ads that pull without pushing

 Ad writing is always a challenge. Finding the right words that will attract the right customers is what we all strive for. We don't need to appeal to everyone, just the ones that will be good for our business and will appreciate what it is that we offer. So the first thing that we need to identify is what it is that made some of our best customers come to us in the first place? The best thing to do is just ask them! You can do this by calling them or asking them to participate in a survey. Asking the right questions will be the key. In later articles we will work on ideas for creating and conducting your own survey. Try to get testimonials while you are at it.

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