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We’ve all been there….the time when the ideas just aren’t flowing and we are facing a deadline of ten+ numbers to be choreographed in a matter of weeks...We sit and barrel through trying to find music which inspires us to conjure up any kind of inspiration in the worst way; forcing ideas we know are mediocre just so we have a jumping off point to get something down on paper for class or rehearsal that night....

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Is faculty music selection a constant stress? Do you have to approve all music choices because teachers choose the same music or inappropriate content, music that does not match your recital theme, dated and overdone songs, etc.?  How do you diplomatically suggest to faculty that you’d prefer them to think of another idea? Being able to balance artistic directorship without stifling teachers creativity is a fine line. Sometimes though, for the sake of the business and developing memorable works that showcase professionalism, variety and artistry is necessary........

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With just a few more weeks to go, I wanted to share a few reminders that can transcend your year-end shows from “nice, little dances” to “professional caliber performances!” It’s easy to let things slip by whether it be with younger dancers or recreational students, but applying expectations to all will produce a recital where everyone presents themselves as unified, neat and streamlined. Consequently, those lasting impressions will be a direct correlation to your studio name and how the community perceives the professionalism of your business! Remember it all comes down to the details which make the difference; whether you are a full-on training facility or recreational studio......

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