As we set out to start another season and enjoy the last bits of calm before things get rolling, now is a great time to sit and reflect for a bit on what your studio goals are for the upcoming year. Whether you are a brand new studio or one that’s been around for years, it never hurts to reassess current needs and projected goals for your students and business. Below are five questions to ask yourself to help get you started towards a successful dance season and many more down the road.

Have a great season!

See you in the dance studio,


  1. What are your goals for your students this year? Separate specific goals for each level/age. i.e. babies, recreational, company, performance groups, etc. What are some new lesson plans and curriculum you’d like to implement? Are there assessment measure you’d like to put forth? Where would you like to see your students by the end of the season?
  2. What are your goals for maintaining an organized office and administrative information? Do you have software set up? Are all your staff on the same page in terms of understanding how billing and accepting tuition works? What about schedules, filing, handling messages, setting up meetings, dealing with parent questions, etc.? Make a plan that is clear and concise so that studio business is smooth sailing.  
  3. What are your goals as a teacher and choreographer? Think about what you personally wish to achieve creatively and artistically with your dancers. What are your individual artistic pursuits? Are there areas you wish to expand on for yourself in terms of teaching and lesson planning?
  4. What are your goals as a studio owner? In terms of the business side, where do you hope to progress things? Will you increase marketing to increase enrollment? How? What new aspects of the business would you like to take on to increase revenue and grow your studio?
  5. What are your goals for increasing personal relationships with parents, students and faculty? How will you keep the lines of communication open and be on the pulse of the on-goings of the studio? How do you plan to implement a diplomatic and fair relationship which is still mindful of your business as a priority? How will you keep camaraderie up and build your studio spirit? What are your plans for fundraising, family days and parent/student meetings? For offering new experiences to everyone to keep them excited?